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Davidts / Secc Lifetime Warranty

Definition of the lifetime warranty

This warranty does not replace the 2-year legal warranty between the consumer and the seller and is limited to the EC.

The lifetime warranty is an additional warranty between the consumer and the manufacturer DAVIDTS / SECC. This guarantee is exercised under certain conditions.

If a problem occurs on the DAVIDTS / SECC product and is caused by a manufacturing defect, DAVIDTS / SECC undertakes to repair and / or replace the product in accordance with the terms and conditions of this warranty.

Duration of the lifetime warranty

The lifetime of the lifetime warranty is limited to the life of the consumer who purchased the product. The guarantee is not transferable.

What does the lifetime warranty cover?

Only manufacturing defects are covered.

The following are not covered: damage and damage due to improper use of the product, exposure to extreme temperatures, immersion or unreasonable exposure to water, damage caused by airlines during loadings and transhipments (for travel and business luggage), accidents, wear due to friction, deterioration due to chemicals such as acids or solvents.

Are not covered, normal wear, wear due to time as well as cosmetic damage (scratches, scratches, stains etc.).

Wear parts such as wheels, locks and zippers are only covered for the duration of the 2-year legal warranty.

The warranty does not cover the theft, the damage to the contents and other indirect damages like, without this list being limited, any financial or commercial loss, any commercial trouble, any increase of the costs and other overheads, loss of profit, loss of brand image.

The warranty does not cover the improper use of the product as well as the use that does not comply with the specifications and specifications indicated on the product.

The warranty does not apply when the consumer has continued to use the good after finding the defect.

Indeed, DAVIDTS / SECC products (jewelery boxes, suitcases, business bags and market strollers) have been tested and meet the characteristics highlighted on the labels accompanying the product as well as on its website The use of the products must therefore comply with the requirements stipulated on these labels and on-line site.

What to do to exercise the warranty for life?

To benefit from the warranty, you will have to contact our service department and send the following parts:

  • provide the receipt, invoice or original proof of purchase of the product,
  • provide the warranty certificate issued with the product. All the products benefiting from the guarantee carry a notebook with a certificate of guarantee,
  • provide a picture of the problem,
  • provide the product reference number and lot number.

Each article has a reference number and a lot number that can be found on a textile label inside the product or printed directly on the bottom, under the jewelery boxes or on the bottom of the product plateau when it comes to a cart.

Upon receipt of your file, DAVIDTS / SECC will determine if the problem is covered by the warranty.

If this is the case, the DAVIDTS / SECC product must be returned at the consumer's expense to DAVIDTS nv, 27 rue des Semailles at 4400 Flémalle, Belgium.

The item will be repaired or replaced. If the product to be replaced is no longer available, DAVIDTS / SECC will replace it with a similar product. Repair can sometimes be limited to replacing the defective part. Repairs and replacements under warranty are at DAVIDTS / SECC expense. The transport of the repaired or replaced product is in charge of DAVIDTS / SECC.

The warranty is limited to the sole value of the product. Indirect and incidental damages are excluded from the warranty. Additions or alterations to the product are not covered by the warranty.

What to do if the damage is caused by an airline?

If your baggage has been damaged by a third party and in particular by an airline during an air travel, please first make a complaint to the airport's Baggage Reclaim Desk once you have recovered your luggage. luggage on the treadmill and this before passing the customs.

The zips and the locks do not constitute an insurance of inviolability of your luggage. Your baggage should always be monitored. They only serve to prevent accidental opening of your luggage. In case of forced opening of your luggage by a member of the airline or customs authority, please submit a complaint to the service concerned before the last customs inspection.

What are the solutions for cases not covered by the lifetime warranty?

If the damage does not fall within the scope of the guarantee, we can establish an estimate and submit it to you.

If the damage concerns a wear part (wheel, lock, etc.) that is not covered by the warranty, we can draw up an estimate and submit it to you.

We can also send you a repair kit and the necessary explanation to perform the repair yourself.

What products are covered by the lifetime warranty?

All products bearing the lifetime warranty certificate. For information, a list of relevant references is attached below.


The DAVIDTS / SECC warranty is a commercial warranty offered by the manufacturer. Depending on the country, it may be that a specific legal guarantee is applicable. Some exclusions in this warranty may not apply.